I’m afraid of a lot of things. Many people are. Fear keeps us from discovering new things, from learning how un-scary things can be, from breaking through our fears.

People are afraid of breaking through the monotony that life can sometimes be. Monotony isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it’s watching TV after a long day at work. It’s getting your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant. It’s doing your hair the same 3 styles all the time. I repeat, not bad things, but still stable, monotonous things.

But think about a life where you go camping, talk to strangers, travel, try new restaurants, try pub trivia, or walk somewhere instead of drive.

You’ll have a new opinion of what’s ‘clean’, you’ll gain insight into the greater population of you country, of the world, you’ll expand your food palette, you’ll be a part of a team, and you’ll discover how far the sidewalk goes.

What is wrong with this statement?
“I want my life to be lived to the fullest.”

I think many people have that attitude towards life. Is it not a heart-felt, energetic, forward-thinking statement?

No, it’s not. This person expects someone else to fulfill their life.


I’m afraid of shaking up life. I’m afraid of making a bad move, and ending up jobless and with ruined hiring prospects. I used to think this fear prevented me from doing a lot. But it’s helped me experience a lot. I’ve only cracked the surface of my fear though. I want to break it deeper.

I WILL break deeper into my fear, as well as keep the ever-luring monotony from getting closer. What will I start with? I’m going to look up campsites with hiking trails in northern Michigan, and also go skydiving.


One thought on “Fear.

  1. I have fear too, and I think that fear has prevented me from doing things. Some of those things I shouldn’t do and some of those things I should. But even so, I agree with everything you have said. It is really well stated.

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