It so easily gets difficult

Correction: many many things so easily get difficult.

For one, keeping up a blog. Before I started this, I kept thinking of all these topics I’d love to blog about. After I started my blog, I realized many of them were quite personal topics, and I didn’t want to blog about them publicly. My friend writes a rather personal blog and shares it with her friends… that’s kind of what I’d had in mind. I don’t know why I thought I like to do that though, because I’m a very private person.

Secondly, and this is common knowledge, it doesn’t take long to get out of an exercise/healthy diet. I’ve been on work trips for 2 of the past 3 weeks, not exercising and eating restaurant food.

On morning, near the end of the trip, I got a yogurt parfait for breakfast and so many people commented on how I was trying to be ‘healthy.’ Nah, this is what I’ve wanted all along, I just couldn’t find it! This is what I’ve been craving all week!

I’m unashamedly a yogurt-loving woman:

But now that my trip’s are over, I notice I feel lethargic and I’m not wanting veggies/fruits as much. I feel permanently full. And it’s not like I ate fried chicken and pasta every night! (I might’ve eaten a lot of tortilla chips though…), but even a restaurant salad is heavier in calories than one I’d make at home.

(My house-warming “chip & dip” party the other night may have tripped me up a bit on my way to a healthier diet again, too… tortilla chips are evidently my weakness.)

And entirely unrelated: you should all listen to this song by The Proclaimers. (Actually just all of The Proclaimers)


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