Monkees and Cats and Beatles, Oh My!

Record shopping with my dad is the only way to record shop. He was big into music in the 70’s (and he’s basically still stuck in that decade). He’s good company to have when in a record shop, because he knows what I like (most of what he likes) and he’ll tell me if I’ll like something, or throw something in my pile with an “Oooh, I remember buying this with my buddies, and we listened to it all night long!” or “I saw them meet, at Villanova!” (Springsteen and Jackson Browne, of course.)

In order, I got The Monkees Greatest Hits, Jackson Browne (Dad’s pick), ELO “Discovery”, Crosby, Stills & Nash, John Lennon & Yoko Ono “Double Fantasy”, Cat Stevens Greatest Hits (!!), Led Zeppelin (Dad’s pick), The Mama’s & Papa’s Greatest Hits, Simon & Garfunkle “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and Loggins and Messina (Dad’s pick), with the song “House on Pooh Corner” which I can’t wait to play for my friend Heather!

Listening to ‘music from the day’ with my Dad parallels going to art museum with my sister, a college art major – the knowledge they have of the artforms makes the art that much more interesting! They can help me appreciate the art even more, because I think people like things more when they know something about it, or when they can associate it with something great, like my dad photographing a musician for his college newspaper, who ended up making it big.

These are what I’m most looking forward to, in the records I got!


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