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Volkswagen is quite possibly the best advertising on earth.

Volkswagen advertising started out strong with these amazing ads:


where they blatantly  point out a deficiency in their product, that somehow ends up being a positive aspect of Volkswagens. But I don’t love their advertising because VW is pointing out self-deficiencies – it’s because they’re making fun of themselves; they’re being funny and clever and connecting with the audience on a more personal level.

I just saw this ad from Volkswagen:

I’m in love with it. VW doesn’t just sell cars, they sell emotions and lifestyles. They’re promoting getting in your car and seeing people, about taking chances and going for it. They want you to live a better life, and their car can be there to help you do it.

Check our VW’s “Fun Theory”:

And below are some of my other favorites, both recent and ‘vintage’:

This one is more product-feature focused, but it still uses that good ol’ charm we all love.

Just look at that ^. Doesn’t it just make you giggle a bit? It makes me so pleasantly happy looking at it. I just wanna give it a hug, you know?

Check out more awesome Volkswagen ads here.


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