Olympics with a side of gin.

Watched the Olympics with my friends this year! I’ll admit, I don’t normally watch the Olympics. (:O!?) But not because of an aversion to the Games, or anything. I think it’s more just the lack of occurring to me to turn on the television.

But this year, the Olympics are in London, one of my favorite cities of all time! So yes, watching religiously.

We had a party for the opening ceremony (great job Danny Boyle & team!)

My friend Christina’s awesome (and delicious) Olympic cookies!

American Flag fruit kabobs – made by Kyle!

There were many highlights, but I must mention how great it was that the ceremonies celebrated children’s reading! I admit, I can get pretty blubbery when I think about JK Rowling’s success – her humble, impoverished beginnings, and how her incredible hard work got her so much more than she asked for!

Aaahhh! There he is there he is kill him!

Though Jo Rowling’s own participation in the ceremony was minimal, seeing her villain towering over the audience with the powerful music and intense performance was yet another reminder of the impact that Jo Rowling and her books have had on the world! *sniff sniff*

And basically the whole world singing “Hey Jude” with Paul McCartney. Another dab at the eyes during that part. (I’m ignoring the fact that I watched it 5 hours after it happened.)

I thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremonies, and it’s tributes to British culture, history and entertainment. But what about the people who don’t know or care about all-things-British, like I do? I wonder what they thought of the opening ceremony?

After our gin & tonic each, everything we said awarded raised eyebrows and a questioning look from our sober friend. ;P

I’m so happy that my friends and I were in London in the build up to the Olympics! It’s great to be (yeah, very slightly) part of history in that way. Here’s a photo of us at Tower Bridge, just before the Olympic rings were hung:

Excited to be at Trafalgar Square in London, in front of the Olympic countdown!


4 thoughts on “Olympics with a side of gin.

  1. Oh my gosh … this post makes me so upset that I didn’t even watch the opening ceremony. What is wrong with me!! I have totally missed out on Olympic stuff so far. (although I did walk over Tower Bridge when they had just hung the rings … does that count??) I didn’t buy any tickets because I didn’t think I’d still be in the country at this point. Turns out I’m not even close to leaving! Those cookies are SO adorable!!

    • I checked the rule book and running under Olympic signs on Tower Bridge is definitely included under the “Not missing out on Olympic stuff” category, so you’re okay. How much would tickets have cost anyway? I think I’d be okay with just watching it on TV even if I lived in London, but of course, that’s just me. I feel like they’re so expensive and you probably won’t even get a good seat! But the atmosphere must be electric! Or at least have bursts of ‘electricity’ with long periods of boredom and waiting… Nah, I’ll watch it on TV.

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