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Hawaiian Who Dunnit?

A few weeks, a group of friends and I had a Hawaiian Murder Mystery Dinner Party! (Our 2nd murder mystery – our first was 1940’s themed and our characters were fleeing occupied France!) It took place at my friend Kelsey’s lake house, which is great because it’s beautiful, great for entertaining, and yes, on a lake!

Here’s the WHO DUNNIT? line up:

We had tiki décor, beach-y food, tropical drinks and even vodka soaked watermelon and pineapple (the pinneapple was SO strong though – it was like eating a shot of vodka. >.<

I loved the character list – Robbie Pattenson and Kirsten Steward were Hollywood starlets vacationing under cover; Jack Marrow was a swindling sea captain; Poni (me) was a self-absorbed hula dancer, receiving death threats; Holi, an over-excited Hotel greeter, who people tend to avoid; Coco, an seemingly naive Texan college student who won a trip to Maui; Tiki, a lousy lifeguard and total ‘brah’; Lovey, a billionaire heiress, who’s money has just been stolen; Ano, the hotel’s eavesdropping waiter; and Sol, who’s supposedly a donut-artist, but later reveals he’s an undercover detective!

It turns out that Robbie Pattenson DUNNIT! He kills Jack Marrow by way of coconut to the head! Jack snuck photos of Robbie trying on a hula skirt and was going to sell them to the press! Robbie couldn’t tarnish his super suave reputation, so he made sure that didn’t happen.

We solved it all on our own! We didn’t even have to hire these professionals!


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