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Been so busy… helping film a movie! “Sleep, Wake, Forget”

So, I’ve totally been MIA for quiiite a while. I do a very poor job keeping anything up consistently; it’s something I desperately need to work on.

I have been very busy, doing a lot of different stuff, but my main two busy-ness-es are my full-time job and another big project. For the past month or so, I’ve been helping out with a film that an MSU colleague wrote and is directing. My focus is marketing the film, but it expanded to feeding the cast & crew, as well as anywhere else I’m needed. I’m having a blast!

The film is called Sleep, Wake, Forget, and it’s a story about two brothers trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic creature-infested world. To describe it using popular movies and cooking terms, put 28 Days Later in a mixing bowl, add quite a few shakes of The Road, and several spoonfuls of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Oh, and a dash of The Fall for good measure.


I’m working with so many passionate people, passionate about different aspects of making this film! We drive our to west Michigan every weekend to film in a new beautiful location – woods, fields, abandoned warehouse. I never studied film or film-making, but it’s so much fun helping where I can, to make sure the movie runs smoothly.

We work with blood:

Kim (my sis) bloodies up Vel (playing Max,
the younger of the two brothers)

Contacts with varying levels of blindness:

Vel in his character contacts! Okay, okay, as it’ll be in the trailer, I’ll tell you – he gets bitten by and turned into a creature! *shock horror*Max is his in early stages of zombie-ness. The equivalent of a green banana, if you will. 

This is a good ol’ ripe Zombie

Lighting barns (not me personally):

Eating in barns (not only eating in barns a lot, but eating a lot in barns – Thanks again Marco’s Pizza!):

Drinking lots of Biggby Coffee, a local Michigan chain!!

Hiking in the woods (some of us carrying a 30 lb camera bag; also not me personally ;P)

Eating amazing ice cream cookie pile made specially for us by our waitress at my favorite restaurant in the world, The International Traveler’s Club and Tuba Musuem!

Check out our facebook, twitter, and website!


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