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First-Time Marathon!

I’ll probably not have that meme’s final fate, nor quite the ravishing glow that Ridiculously Photogenic Guy has, though the first part of the meme sounds about right. Yes, I’m going to run my first marathon!

“Some people train knowing they’re not working as hard as other people. I can’t fathom how they think.” -Alberto Salazar

Most of the inspirational running quotes I found were quite the opposite of our own. We’re not running to win, we’re just running to finish!

I never thought I would run a marathon, because I thought you had to be some sort of crazy epic runner, but my two friends, who aren’t really runners joined one and all the talk got me excited to do it too! It’s in July, in a beautiful area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It’s actually in the same place that this photo was taken, for the movie I helped work on, “Sleep, Wake, Forget.

We won’t be running by this waterfall, but around an island nearby, but you get an idea how beautiful it is!

I’ve lived in Michigan most of my life, but I’ve barely experienced the Upper Peninsula or Northern Michigan. As I’m getting older and having more means to travel, I’m seeing more of Michigan, which is great! It’s such a beautiful, colorful, cultural state.

I’ve been training for a whopping 3 days, which I think deserves this reaction:

I enjoy these meme’s too much not to include some other good’n’s:

ridiculously photogenic guy meme


4 thoughts on “First-Time Marathon!

  1. Peggy Evans says:

    Beth you continue to amaze me with your zest for life. I love all the things you do and are interested in. I am sure you will be the leader of the pack. Love, Grandma

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