Running with a sore knee?

Okay, so yeah, I hurt my knee during my marathon training. It’s so slight, I feel like I’m being a baby about silly knee pain. Other athletes struggle through much worse. BUT, I’d rather be a baby than stupid about it and keep running hard on it, hurting my knee more, and have to take a month off!

The marathon isn’t for 5 more months, so maybe it’s not the worst thing if I take a full week off? I’m not sure how bad these knee injuries are? Should I take a week off, or was two days enough? No one can really answer that for me, because I’ve Googled it and everyone’s advice is,

“Listen to your body.” – Everyone

Okay. Um. What if my body and I don’t speak the same language???

I did run a bit this morning, but it was such a sad excuse for “running” in the realm of marathon-training. I ran outside, probably less than 2 miles total, and walking some of the way. I had wanted to run on softer ground than a treadmill. BUT IT’S FEBRUARY IN MICHIGAN, so there’s snow of course. Snow, generally is fine to run in, but this snow was in an awkward stage of thick and crunchy (good for peanut butter, not for snow). So half of the time my feet would make indentions in the snow, and the other half the snow was too hard for my feet to go through.

The fun part was never knowing which was going to happen.

Also, silly question – does wearing extra socks as padding help the impact on your knee??


2 thoughts on “Running with a sore knee?

  1. I feel sad to read this because I know how it feels! I was SO excited when I was training for my marathon. I loved how motivated it made me feel and I really liked having to be super organized to schedule runs in. I kept doing the same thing … I’d try to run a little and think I could take only a week off. I should have seen a physical therapist ASAP, though. I think if you have 5 months it’s still realistic to run it but definitely make sure you’re sticking to the PT. It really really helps! šŸ™‚

    • When you say physical therapy, do you mean, like, weekly scheduled visits? I will do physical therapy, because I want to do this marathon sooo badly! I’m going to an orthopedic physician on Monday, maybe he can suggest a place to me.
      Thanks Sara!

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